is now live! I have done many wedding elections. They’re great fun, challenging, and of course it’s a happy occasion. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I wanted to make this a special service dedicated for newly engaged couples who want to see what the planetary weather is like before saving the date.

So naturally I elected a specific time to make the site go live, although I actually planned on it happening closer to 4:30 am when Venus would be right on the Ascendant. I didn’t know how long it would take to switch over, so I just started once Libra was rising. It only took a few minutes, so I ended up with a very early Libra rising instead of a later one. The domain went live on November 20th 2018 at 2:38 am in Phoenix Arizona:

I picked this time because this is a wedding election site, so naturally we want Venus to be doing well! Venus rules the Ascendant in her own sign in a nocturnal chart, having recently stationed direct. So bringing people together is the whole purpose and topic of the site. With Venus being in such good condition, I also wanted the Moon to be making an applying aspect to Venus, and it does so appropriately from the 7th house, the house of partnerships, marriages and weddings. Additionally, the Moon rules the 10th house of reputation, so having the ruler of the 10th apply towards the ruler of the 1st hopefully means this little site will get some buzz. I also wanted to make sure this would be a profitable venture for myself, so I also made sure there were some nice things going on in the houses and rulers concerning profits and money in the chart. 😉

If you have friends getting engaged and they’re open to astrology definitely tell them to check out this site! More content will be coming soon. Excited to get started!


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